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    A football game English composition


    Sep 23, 2022

    Write a ball game, add Chinese ... to write happiness, no need to write the game, how about writing people

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    1. I wrote that Manchester United and Villa yesterday, if the name won't say that I am also betting on the side. rni watched a very exciting match yesterday, it was United versus(VS) Aston Villa.rnbefore the match, both of them lost in the previous week. and as Liverpool trying to get to the top of the league, United Really Have to Win This Match and I was hoping they do from the start.
      united had Rooney斯发音:死构思) suspended from last match, which means United might struggle with Villa today. but Villa lost to Liverpool last week 5 to 0 so their morale should be low.rnTo my surprise, Villa started the match with great . they kept making troubles for our defences and United was the team that was . i was really nervous. but the chance came to United when a free kick was awarded to United. Ronaldo(罗纳尔多, 发音: 若那儿多was the favourite to take It. He is quite tall and he was voted the best football player of the year. Giggs (Gi Gi Gi Gi Gi Gi Gi) Layed Him Off and Ronaldo Hit It with great and spin. The top corner, the had n o chance.rni was so happy, but soon , United had few errors at the back and Villa scored 2 goals! rnthis was praised the cruial match of the season for United, they must win this or they might lose the title to Liverpool. i started to pray for them to score a goal even a draw will do for them. rnLater in the match, two young players came on. Ferguson(弗格森, 发音一样) obviously gambled for them to score a Goal. And they didnt him. 10 minutes after ronaldo scored the second goal to level up, one of the young player, Macheda a italian player, very young, only 17 years old and yet he has already made a big impact on his debut and even Uniteds season. rnI had a mixture of emotions. it was so great to see United fought to the end to Win the match, it showed they.

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