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    Happy Landlord's Game Rules


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Send cards: 54 cards, 17 pieces of one person, and left 3 cards to make cards. Before determining the landlord, players cannot see the cards.
      Calling cards: The call card is carried out in the order of the card. When you call the card, you can choose "calling the landlord" and "not called". If some players choose "calling landlords", they immediately end the call, the player is the landlord; if they are "not called", they will redistribute and re -call the card until someone "calls the landlord".
      The first call player:
      1, the first round of players are randomly selected by the system.
      2. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, the first player who chooses "Mingpai" is given priority to obtaining the name of the name.
      3. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, and all three players do not choose "calling the landlord", the system chooses the first "Ming brand" player as the landlord.
      The landlord:
      1. When a player calls the landlord, each player has the opportunity to "grab the landlord" in order. After the player chooses to "grab the landlord", if no other players continue to "grab the landlord", the local owner's rights belong to the "grab the landlord" player.
      2. If no player chooses to "grab the landlord", the right of the local owner belongs to the "Landlord" player.
      3, each "grab the landlord", the game multiple *2.
      4. Any player who has "not called landlord" operation cannot perform the operation of "grab the landlord".
      Ming cards:
      1, Ming cards are played by all cards for Liangming, mainly divided into three types: "Mingzai Start", "Play card", "Ming card".
      2, Ming card starts: When you have not issued a card, choose the Ming card and keep the game, the game multiple *5.
      3, license card: Select the Ming card game during the process of sending the card, and according to the number of games of the number of cards *4 and *3.
      4, Ming card: After receiving three cards, you can select Ming cards and start the game. The game multiple *2.
      5. If many players choose "Ming Pa" at the same time, they are calculated based on the largest explication multiple.
      1. After choosing to grab the landlord, the landlord adds a double selection function before checking out. After grabbing the landlord, the landlord took the card to the hand, and the choice function appeared, and the user could choose to double or not double. However, when you want to double the operation, the player must meet specific conditions.
      2. After completing double or non -double operations within the restriction time, you must wait for other players to perform the relevant operation or until the restricted time arrives, then the game starts to be released by the landlord.
      3, the score of the game after double the calculation is: times*each point corresponds to the happy bean relationship*it has doubled the number*the opponent doubles, if there is double, then*2, if it is not doubled,*1.
      4, the number of users with double conditions is more than the values ​​specified in the room. 5. The specified objects are as follows: 1. When double the user is the landlord, the number of happy beans of all players must exceed the specified value of the room. 2. When double the user is a farmer, the number of joy beans and the landlord players must all exceed the specified value of the room.
      The three cards to the landlord, and showing the cards for everyone to see. The landlord first issued a card, and then played in order in order of the counterclockwise. When it was the user's turn to follow the card, the user could choose "no" or the card that was bigger than the previous player. One player ended the market when he finished the card.
      card type:
      Rockets: Double king (big king and Xiao Wang), the largest card.
      bombs: four of the same value card (such as four 7).
      Single cards: single card (such as Red Peach 5).
      The cards: two cards with the same value (such as plum blossom 4 block 4).
      three cards: three cards with the same value (such as three J).
      three bands: three cards with the same value one single or one -pair. For example: 333 6 or 444 99
      Single Shun: Five or more continuous single cards. Not include 2 points and double kings.
      Shuangshun: Three pairs or more continuous cards. Not include 2 points and double kings.
      Sanshun: Two or more consecutive cards. Not include 2 points and double kings.
      The aircraft with wings: Sanzun the same number of single cards (or the same number of cards).
      four band two: four cards two -handed cards. (Note: Four belts are not bombs).
      , such as: 5555 3 8 or 4444 55 77.
      The size of the brand:
      The largest rocket, you can play any other cards.
      The bomb is smaller than the Rockets, larger than other cards. The score ratio of the card is the size of the bomb.
      Except for rockets and bombs, other cards must have the same card type and the same total number to compare.
      The score ratio of the single card is the size of the king> 2> 2> A> Q> J> J> 10> 9> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3, regardless of the color.
      The cards and three cards are scored to the size.
      This is the size of the score of the largest card.
      The airplane wings and four bands are compared with the Sanshun and four parts, and the cards do not affect the size.
      The winning and losing judgment:
      This to end the game after the one after the card is released.
      The scoring rules:
      In the happy fighting landlord game, the accumulated points "Happy Bean" produced in the Happy Point Plan as the game score unit.
      The happy beans of the player may change after completing a game. At the same time, after each game is over, the system will automatically recover a certain number of happy beans per player. The specific calculation formulas are as follows:
      Is Fairy Player's Happy Bean Consumption: X × N A
      The happy bean reward of victory players: x × n -a
      Happy beans recycled by the system: according to different games Different rooms
      x = game base = points = bottom score × player identity coefficient (farmers are 1 landlord 2)
      = room coefficient, each room is different in specific rooms with specific rooms The number of happy beans automatically recovered per plate of the system is performed by
      a = depending on the different game rooms and different
      base scores: the score of the call is 1 point
      times: the initial configuration of the room is different. The other multiple calculates the corresponding multiple based on the behavior of the game. Every time the landlord is grabbed *2, every bomb *2, Mingpai *2-5, spring *2.
      In after the game, the number of happy beans that victory players can get are not only related to the game multiple. In some cases, there are 2 points related to:
      1. The number of happy beans that he can get after winning. The number of happy beans carried is proportional to the number of happy beans after winning.
      2. The number of happy beans carried on the failed player. When there are any cases, the number of happy beans carried by the player will not be deducted, and only 0 until 0, the victory player can only get the happy beans deducted by the failure player.
      Escape score:
      The landlord escape: If the game multiple of the game is less than 10 times (referring to the multiples of the game behavior non -initial multiple), the score is deducted according to 20 times. If more than 10 times the deduction of 4 times the actual score.
      The farmers escape: If the game multiple of the game is less than 10 times (referring to the multiples of the game behavior non -initial multiplier), the 10x score is deducted. If more than 10 times deducts 2 times the actual score.
      The number of bombs in the disk is calculated when running for calculation, whether or not.
      Player after clicking "Add", the system will automatically match. After the matching is successful, arrange the player to sit down and start the game. After the system matching is successful, if the game exit the game before the game starts, it will be regarded as running away.
      , for example:
      n (room coefficient) = 1000, x is 6, A is 50, landowner victory.
      The happy beans rewarded by the victor (landlord) reward = 6 × 2 × 1000 = 12000 happy beans
      Failure player A (farmer) happy beans = 6 × 1000 = 6000 happy beans n Failure Player B (Farmers) Consuming Happy Bean = 6 × 1000 = 6000 Happy Bean
      This System automatically recycled 50 happy beans for each player at the end of the game.
      The is a happy landlord for playing, so it is called a happy landlord.
      "Landlord" is a three -person poker game that was originally popular in Hubei. Two farmers jointly confronted a landlord. Due to its simple rules and strong entertainment, it quickly swept the country. "Happy Landlord" is based on the traditional rules, introduce "Happy Bean" points, and increase a series of new gameplay such as grabbing landlords, Mingpai, and tweezers. Fighting Landlord "game. At the same time, the "Happy Challenge" model allows players to experience the fun of competition in addition to leisure. Now "Happy Landlord" has become the hottest, most popular, and most popular chess and card game on the Internet.
      Happy Landlords, New Play, New Plements.
      "玩 " gameplay introduction:
      "The Landlord Landlord" is a type of landlord variant rules originated in Hubei. The difference is that after the bright card, it will randomly determine a "sister -in -law". The cards are all dumplings, also known as "mixed cards", which is a universal card that can be used (except that it cannot be used as a king of size). The mule can be matched with other cards as the above -mentioned types; but when the mule is released alone, it cannot be used as a universal card, and can only be used as itself.
      , for example: the mule is 7, 44556 7 will be used as a dual -handed use of 445566; when 77 is released, it can only be used as one pair of 7.
      In addition to forming the above types of cards with other cards, there will also be the following special bomb cards:
      soft bombs: bombs made of tadar and non -tweezers.
      (for example, the mule is 5, 333 5 constitutes a 3333 soft bomb. 77 55 constitutes 7777 soft bombs)
      The hard bomb: four non -tadarlet bombs with the same value. (For example, the mule is 6, and the four 7 are hard bombs.)
      Thenzi bomb: a bomb formed by the four tadar brands (for example, the mules are 5, the four 5 are pure mules)
      Make the landlord's card more rich and changeable, and the game increases more stimuli and accidentality. It is a kind of landlord rules that are both casual and competitive.
      The introduction to the landlord:
      In the rules of the landlords in Sichuan, the new "sullen grasp" settings (after the card is issued, you can "get the landlord" before you see the card, you can "catch the landlord" before you see the card. ) And "inverted coarsal Wo" settings (for some players when the cards are not good, call the landlord, and let the players who have better cards cannot get the opportunity of the local landlord, you can choose "inverted coarse Wo" Continuously double). The luck of the gameplay is more lucky, and the game is more exciting.
      "Small grabbing" called cards:
      1. The system randomly draws a card to determine the first round of players, you can choose "Small Grab" and "Viewing the Pick".
      3, after "seeing the card", you can choose "calling landlord" or "no call". If all three players are "not called", they will be released again.
      The rules of inverted, pulling, barrier, and fertile rules:
      1. After the local owner is determined, the farmers can choose "inverted" or "not back", "inverted", game multiple × 2.
      2, the landlord has enough confidence in his card, you can also choose "pull", and the game multiple is × 2.
      3, push in order, farmers can choose "base", and the game multiple is × 2.
      4, the landlord can choose "Wo", the game multiple is × 2.
      5, as long as the landlords or farmers do not choose "inverted, pull, base, fertile", double stop.
      Is Happy Challenge:
      "Happy Challenge" is a game set up by QQ games to give back to the majority of enthusiastic players. There are multiple levels of events according to different levels of players.
      "Novice Challenge", "Elite Challenge" and "Master Challenge" happy landlord players can participate, no registration fee is required, the schedule is short, and the start of the game is fast (the number of people will start at a certain number), you can faster you can get faster, you can faster Experience the stimulus of the impact champion and enjoy the joy of competition.
      The "Platinum Card Exclusive Tournament" is an exclusive competition set up by QQ games for the masters of landlords. It is an advanced competition for ordinary "challenges". To register with Platinum Card with a symbolic master. In the challenge, you can win the platinum card reward for free, continue to participate in the exclusive competition, and win more platinum cards! Because the players in the exclusive competition are basically players who have achieved excellent results in the challenge, the exclusive competition will be a confrontation between the champion! The competition process will be more intense, nervous and exciting!
      The competition process:
      The challenge is divided into preliminaries and finals, and the elimination methods of "stood out" and "settings" are adopted.
      Pre -preliminaries:
      The preliminaries use the "Standing out of the situation" competition system. At the beginning of the game, each player will bring the same initial points. The outcome of each game in the game will lead to the increase or decrease of points, and those with insufficient points will be eliminated. When there are only a certain number of players left, the preliminaries are over, and the top 2/3 of the remaining players enter the finals.
      The "final conference" competition system during the final stage. There are only 1/2 players in each round. The opponent is the same in the same round. After playing the three brands, the highest table was promoted at the same table, and the minimum score was eliminated.
      3 Gaming grade level name score
      1 Short workers 100
      2 long workers 100
      3 bun houses 200
      4 poor farmers 400
      5 fisherman 600
      6 hunter 1000 r
      7 Zhongnong 2000
      8 rich farmers 4000
      9 shopkeeper 6000
      10 merchant 10000
      11 service 20000
      12 Little wealth owner 50000
      13 Great wealth owner 100000 n14 Little landlord 200000 r 200000
      15 Great Landlord 500000
      16 Zhixian County 1000000
      17 Trip 2000000
      18 Zhifu 5000000
      19 Governor 10000000
      20 governor 20000000
      21 Prime Minister 500000000000000 r 10000000000

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