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    How to use Java to play games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to use Java to play games?”
    1. It is mainly written in J2ME in the Java branch, but J2ME requires the basic knowledge of Java.

      It, most people now learn J2ME from scratch. When learning J2ME, I always start learning from the Java foundation, and now the books that talk about Java foundation are in J2SE. The foundation, which causes some unnecessary trouble for learning. Here are a simple explanation of the Java basic knowledge used in J2ME and unnecessary Java basic knowledge.

      Java basic knowledge used in J2ME:

      1, java grammar basics: including basic data types, keywords, operators, etc.
      2, object -oriented objects Thought: the concept of class and objects, inheritance and polymorphism.
      3, abnormal treatment
      4, multi -thread

      Java basic knowledge in J2ME:

      1, Javac and Java commands in JDK Many classes in the basics of R n2 and Java are not in J2ME, or the method in the class has made a lot of streamlined. So it is recommended to be familiar with the class library in J2ME.
      3, Applet, AWT, SWING cannot be used in J2ME.

      It simply say so much. Friends who hope to learn J2ME can take less detours.

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