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    Primary school first to sixth grade, so English words (Guiqiu)


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    1. Sixth grade English word learning form (1)

      Class: Name: Parenting Evaluation: General Comment:

      1, month Month
      January January February February February March MARCH
      April May May June June July JULY August September September October October November November December
      2, week week r n 星期一Monday 星期二Tuesday 星期三Wednesday 星期四Thursd 星期五Friday 星期六Saturday 星期天Sundayrn rn3、太阳sun 地球earth 月亮moon 星星star 春天spring 夏天summer 秋天autumn 冬天winter 风wind 雨rain 云cloud 雪snow Ice ICE multi -cloud Cloudy Sunny Sky Sky Sky Hill Field Field River River Sea Wood Forest Forest Stone Stone Flower Flower Grass Tree Leaf
      4, Animal N4 Like Elephant Lion Lion Tiger Bear Bear Wolf Fox Fox斑马zebra 鹿deer 熊猫panda 猴子monkey 马horse 奶牛cow 驴donkey 绵羊sheep 猪pig 狗dog 猫cat 兔子rabbit 老鼠mouse 公鸡cock 母鸡hen 小鸡chick 鸡(鸡肉)chicken 鸭ck 蝙蝠bat 蜘蛛spider 蚂蚁ant 蜗牛snail 蜻蜓Dragonfly Butterfly Butterfly Bee Fly Fly Fly Snake Snake Frog Crab Crab Goldfish
      Sixth Grade English Word Learning Form (2)
      1, body body n hair ear ear nose nose nose eyes Eye Mouth Head Head Face Face Neck Shoulder Shoulder ARM Hand Hand Hand Hand Finger Leg Knee Knee Foot / Feet toe TOE
      2, Dad Father, Grandma Grandment Grandpa Uncle Uncle Brother Brother Brother Sister Baby Baby Baby Daughter Son Boy Boy Girl Girl Girl Men woman Woman

      3, worker Worker farmer Farmer Teacher Teacher student Student primary school student Pupil doctor DOCTOR Nurse Police Policeman driver (driver) driver (driver) king king Queen King
      n4,,,, Happy happy SAD angry Angry Cry Cry smiling Smile shouted Shout Walk run RUN sitting SIT Station Stand jump jump lying lie lying Sleep to read Writ to listen to Listen sing dance n
      5, food FOOD rn 米饭rice 面包bread 汉堡包hamburger 火腿ham 热狗hot dog 蛋糕cake 奶酪cheese 巧克力chocolate 比萨饼pizza 三明治sandwich 薯条chips 面条noodle 果汁juice 咖啡coffee 牛奶milk 雪碧sprite 可口可乐Coca Cola 冰激淋ice cream 茶tea 水water 蛋EGG moon cake Moon Cake

      6, fruit FRUIT
      each 菠萝pineapple 葡萄grapes 芒果mango 柠檬lemon 西瓜蔬菜vegetable 土豆potato 胡萝卜carrot rn rn11、衣物clothing 上衣(短大衣)coat 大衣overcoat 毛线衣sweater 裤子trousers 短裤shorts 夹克jacket 衬衫shirt 连衣裙dress 短裙SKIRT T-shirt T-shirt vest vest hat Hat tie tie scarf SCARF gloves GLOVES shoe SHOE socks SOCK swimsuit watch

      12, knife Knife fork chopstick game Compute Game pet r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      six six Grade English Word Learning Form (3)

      Class: Name: Parent Evaluation: Group Leadership: General Comment:
      1, Games Games Sports Sports Toy Toy Doll Doll Baseball Baseball Balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloon balloons Balloon Skate Swim football Football Basketball Volleyball Table Tennis High JUMP Far High Jump Kite Kite ball party

      2 Rubber rubbing Eraser ruler Ruleer School School Library Library Map Map纸newspaper 卡片card 图片picture 电脑computer 鼠标(老鼠)mouse 显示器monitor 打印机printer 键盘keyboard 黑板书桌desk 桌子table 书柜bookcase 书book 笔记本notebook 钢琴piano 小提琴violin rn rn3、颜色colour 红red 白white 黑Black Blue Blue brown brown yellow Yellow Yellow Orange Orange Green Green Green Grey / Gray Pink Pink purple Purple

      4, bicycle BIKE bus TAXI car CAR train Plane subway Subway Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship Ship

    2. Unit 1
      PEN Pen Pencil Pencil Pencil-Case Pencil Box Ruler Rule Eraser Crayon Cray
      BOOK Book Bags Bag School School

      UNIT 2
      HEAD head nose nose Nose Mouth Mouth Eye Ear Ear Ear ARM Arm Finger Finger Finger
      LEG Leg Foot Foot Body Body

      RED's red green green green blue blue purple purple white white white white white
      black black Orange orange PINK pink brown brown brown

      unit 4
      cat cat Dog dog Panda panda rabbit rabbits Pig pig Bird bird
      bear bear Elepand big big big big big big Squirrel squirine R R R R
      CAD cake HOT DOG hot -boiled chicken
      FKENCH NFKE Cola, Mil MiLK milk tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea -codon -poda that Pica -il -Coper -ilm -lych that Rl-freons -Rlmer n
      UNIT 6
      one one Two two Three three FIVE Five SIX Six Seven Eight Eight Nine Nine Ten Ten
      DOLL Doll BOAT Ball Ball Kite Balloon Balloon Car Plane R n
      PEP English third grade (volume below) three sessions

      unit 1
      BOY boy Girl girl Teacher teacher Student student this My Friend friend
      i'm = I am, I am good at NICE; happy Good Morning in the morning good after afternoon
      meet meets; meet goodbye goodbye to too; (Spoken) Mother mother ; Mom Mom Mom (spoken) man
      Woman woman (foreign) grandmother Grandma (outer language) (outside) grandmother
      (outside) grandfather Grandpa = Let us make us a good really; exactly and and; and
      how, how about

      unit 3
      Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Fifteen Fifteen Sixteen Sixteen
      SEVENTEEN Seventeen Eighteen 18 Nineteen 19 Twenty Twenty How many
      can can; you can look at it; Peach Pear Orange Orange Watermelon Apple Apple Banana Banana
      Strawberry Grape Grape Like likes some; Table
      Chair chair Walkman listening to LAMP table lamp Your you; your ZOO zoo

      unit 6
      small small big long lap long shorter; short tall high Giraffe Giraffe deer deer

      PEP fourth grade (volume) Four words vocabulary table

      unit 1:
      Window (window) BOARD Piction There is NEW (new) Go (go)
      where (where ....) Many (many) UUR (our) Clean (clean, clean, clean)
      good IDEA ( Good idea)
      have a look (look at it) All Right (Okay, good) Seat (seat) Good job (good job)
      near (in. ... Next) you (you) What (what) see (see) in (in ......) me (me)
      the (here) look at (see) we (We)

      unit 2:
      chinese book (Language) Pencil (Pencil) ENGLISH BOOK (English book) Twenty-One -ONE (31) Schoolbag Fat) Heavy (heavy) May (can) what's = what isour (of course) sorry Pen (pen) Pencil-Case (pencil box)

      unit 3: Jacket Blue (blue) yellow (yellow) Green (green) white Warm) COLD (cold) Cool (cool) TODAY (today) Jeans (jeans) PANTS (trousers) Socks (socks) shoyes (shoes) Let's = Let us play (play) Football (football) Snowy ( Snow) Sunny (Sunny)

      unit 5: How much (how much) BIG (large) Small (small) long (long) short (short) Apple (Apple) Banana (Banana) Pear (Pear) Orange rabbit (rabbit Pig) Pig (pig) CK (duck) Dog (dog) Eleven (11) Twelve (12) Thirteen (13) Fifteen (15) Twenty (20) How many (how) there (there; where)

      PEP fourth grade (album) Four words words

      unit 1: Computer (computer) Board (This; this) is (yes) my (my) that (then; that) you (your)
      teacher's desk nyes (yes) IT (it)

      unit2 one (1) two (2) Three (3) FOUR (4) Five (5) SIX (6)
      Seven (seven) Eight (8) Nine (9) TEN (10) What (what)
      time (time) it's = it is ... o'clock (... point) math (mathematics) chinese (Chinese)
      english (English (English) ) P.E. (sports) Music (music) for (for; give) Class (course)

      unit 3: Jacket -Shirt (T -shirt) Red (red) Blue (blue) Yellow (yellow)
      green (green) white (not) not (not) not (not; no) color (not) Color)

      unit 4: Warm (warm) COLD (cold) Cool (cool) TODAY (today)
      jeans (jeans) PANTS )
      let's = let us play Small (small) long (long)
      short (short) Apple (Apple) Banana (Banana) pear (pear) orange (orange)
      (watermelon) are (y, she) NUNIT 6: HORSE (Horse) are't = Are Not Cat (Cat) Rabbit (Rabbit) Pig (Pig)
      CK (Duck) Dog (Dog) Eleven (11) Twelve (12) Thirteen (13 )
      fifteen (15) Twenty (20) How Many (how much) there (there; there)

      PEP fifth grade (volume) 4 NUNIT 1: Young (Young) Funny (High) tall (tall) Strong (strong)
      kind )
      mr (Mr.) Like (like, like) Strict (strict) Smart Very)
      bit (but)

      unit 2: Monday (Monday) TUESDAY (Tuesday) Wednesday (Wednesday)
      thursday (Thursday) Friday nsunday (Sunday) Day (Sky) Have 3: Eggplant (eggplant) Fish (fish) Green Beans (green beans) TOFU (tofu)
      potato (Tomato) for (for) lunch (we)
      tasty (delicious ) Sweet (sweet) Sour (sour) Fresh
      salth RUIT (fruit)
      Grape (grapes)

      unit 4: COOK The Meals (Rice) Water The Flowers
      sweep the Floor )
      make the bed (bed) Set the table R NUNIT 5: Curtain (air conditioner) TRASH BIN (trash) Closet (closet) Mirror (mirror) End Table (bedside table) BEDROOM (bedroom) Kitchen (bathroom)
      living Room (living room) IN (living room) in (living room) In ...) ON (above) under (below)
      near Flower (Flower) Grass (Grass) Lake Building (Building) Clean (Clean)

      PEP fifth grade (album) Four words words

      unit 1: do morning exercise )
      have English class …… click) usually (usual; general) Noon (noon)
      climb mountains (climbing)

      Go Shopping ) Play the Piano
      Visit (visiting grandparents) Go HIKING Spring) Summer (summer) Fall (autumn) Winter (winter)
      SEASON season) which ) Make a Snowman (Snowman)
      Plant Trees February (March) Mar./march (March)
      apr./april SEPTEMBER (September) Oct./October (October) Nov./november (Date)

      unit 4: Draw Piction Room (Cleaning Room) Write A Letter (Fly) JUMP (Jump) Walk (Run) SWIM (Swimming)
      kangaroo (Kangaroo) Sleep NDrink Water TCH Insects (Observing insects)
      pick up leaves (picking leaves) Do An (experiment) C
      atch Butterfly ) WTITE A Report
      Play Chess 1: BY (Book, by) FOOT (Bicycles) BUS (Bus) Train (train)
      how (how) go to school (school) Traffic (traffic) r
      Traffic run (traffic rules) Stop ) BookStore (Bookstore) Where n
      UNIT 3: Next Week (next week) this morning (this morning) this afternoon (this afternoon)
      this event (tonight) Comic Book Newspaper) Buy (Buy)

      unit 4: Hobby (hobbies) Ride a bike-RIDING A bike Pulling violin)
      make kites — Making Kites (making kite) Collect Stamps — Stamps (Philately) Live — Lives (Residence) Teach-Teaches (Teaching) GO-- Goes (Go) Watch-Watches (see) Read-Reads Actance) Actress (Actress) Artist Where, where to go) work (work)

      unit 6: Rain (rain) Cloud (cloud) sun (sun) stream (river, stream) com from from (from ... from ...) SOIL (soil) Sprout NUNIT 1: Tall -Taller's higher SHORT -SHORTER's shorter Strong -Stronger's stronger Old -Older older Young -Younger's younger Big -Bigger's larger
      heavy -heavier is heavier. LONG -Longer's longer Thin -Thinner's thinner Small -Smaller (body type) smaller

      unit 2: have a fever fever have a sound throat throat have a cold cold
      have a TOOTHACHE toothache have a headache headache Matter, troubled HURT pain nose nose tired fatigue, tired Excited excited Angry's anger
      happy happiness Bood boring, annoying SAD sadness, sad r r r r r r r. n
      unit 3: Watch -WATCHED see WASH -WASHED cleaning Clean ——Play — Played Play Visit -Visited View DO -DID LAS T weekend last weekend Go -WENT go
      go to a part —WENT to a Park, go to the park Go Swimming — Went Swimming
      go Fishing — WENT FISHING Survey

      unit 4: Learn Chinese — Learned Chinese
      SING and DAND DAND DAND DANCED Singing and Dancing
      eat Good Food —Te Good Food T
      AKE PICTURES -TOOK PICTURES Photo CLIMB -Climbed Climbing
      HAVE — Had Buy Presents — Bough Presents
      ROW A BOAT — the Persium rowed Go to ski-skating —Went Ice-Skating to skate how, how to get-Got to the last one, only, stay at the last one, stay in the last one

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