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    There is nothing wrong with the summer vacation ... I hope some good -looking articles are recommended, and there are no types.
    Oh, right, I can send it to my mailbox [email protected] ... Thank you

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    1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------
      "God's Tomb", "Tour", "Evil Buddha", "Mister", "Mad God", "Feeding God", "Dragon Domain", "Fantasy God"
      "The Son of the Buddha", "The Son of Light", "Magic Fairy Road", "Shenglong Road", "Anti -Dragon Road", "Magic Fried Hand"
      "" Sleeping Dragon as "
      " Mercenary World "," Legend of the Evil God "," Modern Emperor "," Airspace Star "," Soul Matrix "
      "The Strongest in History", "Fighting Madness"
      "Demon Martial Arts God A", "Hunting Great Tang", "Long Long Long", "Black Burning God", "Blood Blood Blood"
      "Romantic", "Undead Medical God", "Rebirth of the God", "Blood Blood Boiling"
      "Flowers Flowers", "Fantasy Space", "Legend of God", "Miners of Alien", "Alien Pharmacist"
      " "Alien Veterinary Medicine", "Shunchang Reverse Death", "Infinite Terror", "Undead Evil God"
      "Warcraft Swordsman Holy Realm", "Dragon Snake Romance", "Good Death", "History of Modern Reactions"
      " "Running Alien", "Alien Available", "The Story of the Gevisal Seal", "The Guardian of the Zodiac"
      "My Magic", "I Become Zhang Wuji", "The Divine Magic", "A Eunuch Broken in the inner Palace"

      "My Body has a God Beast", "Summon Thousand Army", "Undead Massman", "Legend of Rebirth"
      "Xuanmen Taoism", "Wolf God", "Incredible Strong" "Lord of Warcraft"
      "Raising in the World", "The Blessing of the Foreign Land", "The Legend of the Study of the Study of the World"
      "A World"
      "Sword and Demon Alien Records", "The Great Age of Different Realms", "After Ascension"
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------修真类型---------------------------------

      "The Journey to Piaoyu", "Evil Wind Song", "The Buddha is the Tao", "Xianxian", "Heaven Furious"
      "Extinction", "Inch Mang", "Xianfan Dao"
      "Legend of Star Peak", "The Road to Cultivation", "Star Yao Magic World", "The Legend of Zijin"
      "Following Flying Fan", "New Rain Clouds"
      "A Tip of the World", "Youyou Fantasy World", "Xiaoyao Rivers and Lakes", "Copywood", "Blood Baby Cultivation"
      "Tianxin Jue", " "Xingchen", "Fantasy King", "Urban God Man", "Reappearance of Rebellion Road"
      "Godci Romance", "Zodiac Guardian God "" Immortal Cultivation "," The God of War "
      " History of Modern Cultivation "," Xuanyuan God of War "," The Strong on the Mine "," I am a Stealing of the Truth "
      The nineteen days of the road "" Rebirth of the Romance of Rebirth "
      " Human God's Lust, the Taoist in the World "," The Great Tang of God "," The Great Tang of God "
      "The Legend of the Dragon of the Dragon Flowing", "The Post -Modern Life of the High -Rile Expert"
      "Qiankun", "Black Wind Demon", "Tour of Heaven", "Smount Smount"

      ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
      "Thunder", "Nuwa Realm", "Starting from Scratch", "Raptors Crossing the River", "The World of Online Games", "Shushan"
      "Life" "Lone Star Legend"
      "Online Games", "Super Players", "Blue Sky"
      R N "Fantasy World Travel", "Ancient Mythology of Online Games ⅻ" The Emperor of Online Games "" The Magic Realm "
      " The Sons of the Wind "," Dream Empire "," Longxiang Nine Island "," Fantasy of the Fantasy of Online Games "
      "The Shadow of the Death of Online Games", "Super Ghosts of Online Games", "The World of Online Games"
      "Online Games -Dragon Slaughter Witcher", "The Counterattack of the Face in the World", "Dragon Bad the World"
      "Online Games Playing the Universe "" Game Madness "," Tiansha Mang "," Dream Ling "
      " Beichen Star "," Rain Sword "," Virtual Dynasties "," Mixed Online Games in Beauty Studio "
      " "Master Legend" "Super Professional Hound", "The Ancient Sword of Online Games", "Online Games-Fantasy Reality"
      -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------— ------------------- rnrn《小兵传奇》《师士传说》《超级兵器》《欲帝》《星爆》《天"
      " Xianzhi Mech "," Ace license "," Lightning "," Legend of the Energy "," Ring Legend "
      "Seventh Seal"
      "Time Smuids Starting in 2000", "Mother Emperor", "Passionate Heroes", "Star Farmers"
      ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
      "Ghost Blowing Lantern", "The Experience of Grave Robbery", "Evil Sakura", "Descendants of Maoshan"
      The answered: -Assistant 2-10 22:24
      Gaming category: Starting from scratch, Rogue master 1, hooligan master 2 (can be seen separately)
      fantasy: beast blood boiling, blasphemy, magic fabric, Card
      cross -category: celebrate the year, New Song, rebirth official road business, Ordinary clearing days, hair, Chu's spring and autumn
      The cultivation category: mortal cultivation of immortality, ghost fairy path, Xianxian, fairy
      infinite class: infinite horror, trump card evolution
      ledger category: plate Dragon, Qin Emperor (this kind of book is derogatory, I have been reading before, do n’t take me on my favorite book friends, o (∩_∩) o ...)
      have a look!

      Thematures of the alien world
      Thexiansi (the legend of alchemy sees you laugh)
      Alien veterinarians should make you laugh to the end) R N Lotus Treasure Jian (I heard it differently in the Kwai Treasure Dianhaha) Casting
      Demon Demon Dancing works
      Douro Mainland Tangjia San Shao New Works
      Panlong Classic
      God Tomb Fantasy Classic

      "Parallel Heroes" Author: Seventy -two Edit
      The introduction: Opportunity for a thousand years! Seeing that there was no one around, as soon as the fat man was impulsive, he jumped up before he thought about it. With two hands wrong, a loud sound, the head of the empire soldiers was stiffly turned around. The broken cloth doll generally fell down. For the first time, the fat man was not so simple. A dagger in the backhand inserted into the throat of this unlucky soldier.
      Comments: Wei Xiaobao -style protagonist, now it feels that the protagonist is not big enough, chasing see it is still running now.

      "Qingyu Years" Author: Cat is greasy
      The introduction: A young patient, because an unsurprising experience at a time, traveled to a completely different world, becoming a poustic house is not glorious illegitimate child. Practice unknown skills, set foot in Kyoto's officialdom, inherit the inexplicable business group, and see how illegitimate children who do not have their own identity are how to play the shopping malls, officialdom, battlefields and wedding fields.
      Comments: relaxed, real, as if I am in another time and space -this book is the feeling.

      "Song Feng" Author: abstaining
      Brief introduction: After Jinghui returned to the Song Dynasty inexplicably, how should he survive in this strange era? The road to reform is full of confusing variables. Wang Anshi, Sima Guang, Su Shi ... Everyone is looking for the way out of the Song Dynasty. Who is right? Everything in front of me is refining Wang Jinghui to mature. Can the reborn butterflies change the direction of history? Please see the "Song Feng" of a modern doctor.
      Comments: In the first half of the section, see how the protagonist starts to become the richest man in the Song Dynasty, and later to see how the disciples he cultivated in the Great Song Political Bureau are in the wind.

      "Stealing" Author: Big Bang
      The introduction: Cross -category, the theme of the end of the Ming Dynasty. The hero is in the prestige of the country, and the demon king swept the six -in -spirit ambition. The battle must be won, the attack must be taken, ZTE Daming, the popularity of the world -the heroine of the hero is in the heart of the two emperors. Words must be done, the line must be fruitful, the world is famous, and the heart of the world -the devil and the conspiracy of the line. The corpse bones are paved with the emperor's road -endless hero's blood, endless enemies.
      The comments: If the work starts serializing from the protagonist's escape from Mao Wenlong, it should be a hot stick for readers. Slowing and growing forces on a desert island has always been a book I like to read.

      "One Primary Plane Merchants" Author: Sand in the desert
      The introduction: Occasionally, the soul crossing makes Chen Feng a small nobleman in the other world. Chen Feng also became a magical plane merchant. Block merchants, as the name suggests, are guys who buy and sell on different planes! Open a space black hole, buy the specialty products of another world, and then sell it at a high price in your own world; or collect the specialties of your world, then sell it to another world to the magic scroll, so as to the god grid artifact. In this way, it ’s upset and sell high. Is it uncomfortable?
      The comments: The author cleverly sets the excitement point with the concept of two planes, which is why I follow.

      Ifang evolution expert novel author: New Book of Great Witcher
      The evolution journey of undead
      [Introduction v1.02]
      The undead leader cried: Rogue Ande meets the demon, everyone can't stop it at all!
      The king of Dead: Dear Ande King, the undead you evolved, can you sell us again?
      The death of death: The skeleton mage of the gods is Andnder, this is the undead of the noodles, not your home cuisine market!
      Thendo is very aggrieved: Dear death, I am the most honest and loyal and kind. How can I do this? Really, the god of the lies can prove ...

      Mu Lin master in the alien category: fantasy author: wine
      comments: this is an earlier one, the rebirth of the great world family The children who are not valued early are exposed early, I like its settings and plots

      Is Invincible Lucky Star Category: Fantasy Author: Jolen
      Comments: Very popular old -fashioned YY novel, throw throw Open power, the beauty inside is mouthwatering

      This of the Holy Dragon Dragon Magic Novel Author: Category of Personalian Novels: Different World Mainland

      The son of the Demon King and Dragon Beauty ...
      The he has been fostered in a human country since he was a child, ...
      He was ashamed of himself as the son of the demon king. His evaluation of the demon only failed in the battle with the name of the name of God. If the demon wins again, then he is a new god.
      How he evolved from the degeneration angel step by step into a strange dragon with an oriental local atmosphere. How will he change the positioning of the magic and God, and how to fulfill the desire to stop even the gods ... …

      The Wudang Hei person in the unique world of a martial arts family in unintentionally came to the unity of the sword and magic. As a unique person, in the face of weird Warcraft, smart humans, beautiful elves, thick dwarves, brave orcs, mysterious Dick people, and the misty priests, evil demon clan, how should he start The journey of the other world?

      The rogue Golden Immortal category: Fantasy Author: Liang Zhan
      Comments: Magic in the heart, there will be magic everywhere, but you can't put a gambling in life.
      Zhang Sanfeng Alien Travel Category: Fantasy Author: Writing Board
      Comments: Zhang Sanfeng's Alien Journey is a good alien rebirth novel. Women's

      The Shaolin monk category in different boundaries: Fantasy Author: Special White
      Comments: This is a monk, not a kinky monk. After the starting point began to be poisoned, finally found a clean monk under the claws

      The young sales manager, because of an unexpected experience, came to a completely different one. The world, becoming a glorious one in the Xiaojia Mansion -Jiading!

      The religious referee category: Fantasy Author: Eight Floating Tu New Books
      Comments: Strong obscenity, look, let's, let The first good book found by the newcomer list is rare

      It than the Mongolian Legend Category: Fantasy Author: Written Ban New Book
      Comments: Zhang Sanfeng's written book, in fact, see the Book of the Author The word Meng was attracted.

      The authors of time and space novels: Resentment (new book)
      Since ancient times, the most elite personnel in the army will only be in two places. One is the most elite special forces, and the other is to repeat the prison.
      It, in order to conceal the fact that he practiced his genius, he could only join the military and use the military's combat skills to cover up his cultivation as an exception. However, it was inexplicably distributed in the prison.
      In prisons, Zhao Li met countless and bad criminals, and also learned a lot of extraordinary skills, but the most important thing is to see the darkness in society and the army.

      Thexing Novel Author: Flash (New Book)
      Novel Category: Modern Condition

      In order to pursue the supreme power, all the practitioners are diligently cultivated , Perform the derivation of the universe, so as to reach the pinnacle of cultivation.
      Yu Fan, an ordinary college student, but he has the mirror of the universe -eternal ball!
      The derivation of the universe is in my hands!

      The days of novel author: Lonely Maple (New Book)

      The days are a mark, one symbolic force and life enter another level of mark ...
      Ye Feiyun, who is proficient in ancient Chinese martial arts, was sold by the organization and the only trusted companion, and fell into the hands of the federal government. The abandoned child of the test was sent into another completely different space. When the soul is about to dissipate, I encountered a huge manner of the French formation and devoted themselves to the son of the Lord of the Marquis House of the Dragon Empire ...
      and see how Ye Feiyun wrote the legend of "heaven" in this world ...
      always likes a book, there are dislikes, loneliness is limited after all. If you think this book is not good, please leave quietly and scold and scold. Welcome to loneliness.

      u003CProfessor of Magic "to teach magic, and also pay attention to quality education

      The introduction: Under the call of the great magic instructor, Lin Yuan came to the other world, and the physical fitness of mixed magic let him make him Become a unique magic professor in the college. Adhering to the ancestors' tradition, educate people in the Magic Continental Teaching, and wrote a book. Zi once said: There is no class, who says magic?

      "God's Tomb"

      It has to say "Tomb" when it comes to fantasy. The EVA in the fantasy novel, the atmosphere of this book is also quite mysterious. From the beginning, there have been puzzled pits, and then slowly unveiled the mystery step by step.

      The legend / fantasy of the supernatural dad / Paladin
      He is a master, so he has the overbearing and horizontal leader of the master. He is still a dad, so he has the biggest advantage of being a dad -protects short! Whoever dares to move my baby, I want him to pay the price! He can make suggestions for the children. The novel tells the story of a daddy in the world. He let the people from the other world know the whole process from the dad to the father! (Because he has been soaked in the child

      The legendary novel Author: Zi Xiao Novel Category: Different World Mainland
      A college student who dropped out of school,
      The talent and hard work became the industry The fried hand.
      hype antique, luxury goods, packaging real estate, stars, is his masterpiece.
      a legendary magician who is shocking and present,
      , Make yourself an immortal myth.
      has lost his life in an accident, leaving only a spatial ring that stores a lifetime collection: light ring

      Iron fist iron fist Mage Novel Author: Tangze Novel Category: Continent of the World
      Is the supreme mana of God created the humbleness of human beings, or the ignorance of man to create God's authority? It has never been stopped from the day of birth!
      Thirty thousand years ago, a storm that swept the mainland that swept the mainland caused a momentary magic civilization to completely decline, and the "Holy Clothing era" rose. R. N Thirty thousand years later, a sister -in -law among the super -everyone's ethnic group had to embark on the road of magic because of his natural unable to learn martial arts. After the creation of themselves, where is the road that is inherited by accident? What kind of truth?
      is the text recorded on the ancient collection of ancient texts a cover or a hint?

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      Chapter 70 Covering the Sky [09-07-19] Evaluation of hunger 2006 serialization
      [Metropolis] Bring two acres of land text Chapter 43: 09-07-19] Maple Leaf is not Evaluation in the red serialization
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      I can't help entering the world! Back to KOF97 ... [09-07-17] Night Wolf · Zitong serialization
      [fantasy] Royal Dao VIP first volume of shudder 1 Yu Pei [09-07-15] Evaluation
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      Chapter 9 Not Holly (Part 2) [09-07-11] Evaluation of the Tree Wolf Series
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      [Fantasy] Those things of Jin Yong Qunxia Chapter 14 War Preface [09-04-08] Evaluation of Bubble Cow serial serialization
      [Fantasy] Anti-Big Big Adventure VIP works related to new pit! Intersection [09-04-07] The launch of the dozed insects have completed the evaluation
      [Science Fiction] Cerebrate Battle Volume Three Battle in Azeroth! Red lotus dance roll! Forty ... [09-04-03] Review of Zihuang serialization
      [History] Announcement of the relevant fraud corpse announcement in the world of the world [09-03-21] The evaluation of the boating Dongting serialization
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      Volume Eighteen Chapter 18: [07-10-31] Evaluation of Eclipse Jiuyin serialization
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      [Metropolis] Wild Heart VIP related new book "Heart of Time" has been uploaded, please support [07-10-03] in the grid The evaluation has been completed at night
      [Xianxia] The text of the great witch in the other is section 46 of the red powder skeleton (1) [07-09-23] Evaluation of Yan Xiaoqi serialized
      [Xian Xia] Evil VIP works related to farewell [07-09 -19] Wild Dog has completed the evaluation
      [Fantasy] The text of the text of the leisure of the world Chapter 4 The 20th Life in Shengqiu Code Twenty ... [07-09-07] Ashamed Master's Serialization
      [Fantasy] The related June thank you letter of the barbarians VIP work, and the future update. [07-07-06] Evaluation of the Burning Piano Baked Crane serialization
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      [Fantasy] Demon Dao's attention in different world VIP works. Smiling red in life Dust VIP Life Chapter 114 [07-02-18] Evaluation in the serialization of Water Crane Tree
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      [Fantasy] The god of the country has diluted the injury of the Seven Curse (Trial) Demon Bait (Section 2) [07-01-30] Complete evaluation
      [History] Born Guo Fengxiao VIP Text Chapter 68 [06-12-31] Ice Water Stone has completed the evaluation
      Monster's Battle Book [06-12-01] Judah's ring serial evaluation
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      [Spiritual Different] Lingbing Fighters are all ranked in the previous word Anonymous Section 2 [03-08-24] Do not use the evaluation that has been completed

    3. I only recommend good text. The main building is carefully read ~

      [Ahead of Overhead Martial Arts] (strong push)
      1 "Try the World"
      I have read the "Test" and many articles can no longer be entered into Eye Snowy Moon Fenghua's Peerless Words. My favorite Wenqi girl is dressed in men's clothing, romantic, evil and unruly, and the second son is clearly descendant. For example, if you are a fairy, are you really an innocent person? Every time I meet, I am very interesting

      1 "Three Salvation Marriage"
      The touching love fairy tales, redemption of love, clear water therapy In this article, the other crosses were not eye -catching, but it was not deep enough, not enough to be unforgettable.
      2 "Dark Hometown Soul"
      The heroine and female dress are very chic and humorous. People who match the women's football team

      1 "蛊 介"
      This article is the best text! The beginning may not be very attractive, but the more exciting later! Do not miss! The male lead's spoils and warmth of the female lead can touch the string in their hearts, and the feelings are very delicate!
      2 "Three Lives III, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"
      This style of the text is a dullness that makes people can't help but never see such a text like Ye Hua likes the warmth of the ten miles of peach forest created by the author. Love fairy tales ...

      [Metropolis Modern]
      1 Gu Man's "Shan Shan Lai" and "Smile with a Smile"
      The funny style, hurry up and make up the lesson Intersection This is the most popular style at the moment ~
      2 "Hi, My Man"
      The favorite humorous style, black belly male, fox -like male lead, wonderful love.
      3 "Why the light blue and red"
      high -dry children, green plum bamboo horse
      [The above article has been sent to your mailbox]

    4. "Angel Weish" (Recommended)
      "Demon Love" (Recommended) (End)
      "When a gangster encounters a gangster"

      "The Overbearing Prince"
      "Girl! The boy looks at you "(End)

      " Brave Girl, I want to set you! "(End)
      " Make me you try "
      " 360 ° Witch Demon Duel "
      Fall in love with the barbaric girl "
      " Lai Ding you, my young lady! "(End)
      " Falling in Love with Girls "(End)
      " Tender Cao Meets Girls' Fighter "(End)
      "The Dead Girl of the Grass"
      "Fall in Love with Demon" (End)
      "Black Silver Moon Love" (End)
      "Evil, don't mess with me! "(End)

      " The Day of Living with the Husband "
      " My willful fiance "(End)
      " The original demon loves me "
      The Prank Princess (End)
      "My laugh, only you can see it" (End)
      The love starting line (end)
      "My superstar boyfriend" (End)
      "Naughty Rose Spirit Beautiful Man" (End)
      n "Time and Space Mistakes-Love No WHY" (End)
      "Blue Rain Silk-End)
      " My Campus Idol Prince "(End)
      mine! "(End)
      " Iceberg Demon Kiss "(End)
      " Drop the Girl's Exclusive Prince "

      "24K Pure Gold Love"
      "His Highness of My Sleeping Prince"

      "Wizards Myth"
      "Love You"

      "Hit a evil man as a boyfriend"
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------rn不知道楼主喜欢哪些,所以把我自已看过,感觉Good for you ...

    5. Horror Thriller:

      The different news (super beautiful recommendation!)

      "Colorful Thriller" written by Red Lady: Red satin orange green silk (follow -up of red satin) green gate
      is all pretty! Super recommended!

      The infinite horror
      written by Jing Yu: The boy dormitory on the 17th floor is super beautiful! The first horror novel I read ~ It's my material ~~ I recommend it!
      The work of Cai Jun's "Butterfly Cemetery", "Cat Eye", "Sky", etc. His works are pretty good

      Funny works, I like it very much)

      VIVIBEAR wrote a few books, I like it, I especially recommend "Looking for the Journey of the Life"

      n is also good to gambling concubine!
      This soul in ancient
      This mint pear flowers white

      N personally likes rich and wealthy and entrepreneurial.
      Cong lady also writes through! Crossing the princess me the biggest. This is also very humorous ~
      and I recommend that Lanling's dazzling but not crossing but also good -looking!

      martial arts Xianxia's:
      star change
      Xianjie Xianxian
      I really like the classic works that are very recommended ~
      is the "Hundred Ghosts" and "Chunjiang" series written by cute and fans n n Chunjiang Huayue Night is an ancient chapter
      R N, there are many ghosts New Century Hundred Ghosts New Age Bai Ghost New Chapter, etc., and many other clouds such as
      , there are a lot of clouds, but they are all good -looking! Recommended

      The recommendation of a very funny and funny novel: Is it easy for me to fall in love

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