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    Use Thunder: The highest 24k/s uses the highest 200k/s of the IE browser to tell me why it is


    Sep 22, 2022

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    4 thoughts on “Use Thunder: The highest 24k/s uses the highest 200k/s of the IE browser to tell me why it is”
    1. Dear Thunder users, hello:

      This download speed is slow, please operate according to the following methods:
      1, please log in to DL.Xunlei/XL7 pages, download a installation package of Thunder 7 7 Test whether there is a speed to judge whether the download of individual tasks has no speed or all tasks.
      2. Individual task download is caused by the failure of the original address of the resource. It is recommended to replace the download link for download.
      3. There is no speed of all tasks:
      ① Exit security software such as antivirus software to avoid accidental setting caused by interception traffic.
      ② If it is a sudden problem today, it is recommended to restart the computer to try.
      4. The above is invalid, please uninstall Thunder and log in to DL.Xunlei/ This page to download the latest version of the Thunder 7, reinstall it on another disk to try. (Please do not cover the installation, you must uninstall the installation, otherwise it may cover the old problem.)
      If membership status:
      . Download test tool: pstative.xunlei/Tool/Tool-Speed ​​-.0.rar, Clear offline hosts, directly click the cleaned offline hosts at the bottom right, and then open Thunder again.
      2. Manual configuration Hosts:
      In C: Windows System32 Drivers ETC to find the hosts file, double -click to open the following two records at the bottom of the file, save, restart Thunder gdl.lixian.vip.xunlei gdl.lixian.vip.xunlei
      n Welcome to ask questions from Xunlei Network platform.

    2. It should be that Thunder wants money and wants to crazy,
      I use the broadband of the community. You can download up to 2MB/s at most without the download speed of Thunder.

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