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    What are the three -year -old children's outdoor games


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    1. What are the three -year -old children's outdoor games
      In outdoor activities of more than two hours a day in order to truly protect vision. How can Xiaobao play for two or three hours of outdoor activities every two or three hours a day? Three -year -old children are in a stage of curiosity. What games are suitable for three -year -old children's outdoor play? Let me compile the three -year -old children's outdoor game, welcome to read for reference!
      three -year -old children's outdoor games are available Which one 1. "Bell"
      game purpose:
      1. Training children to listen to sound counts, and initially cultivate children's mental arithmetic capabilities;
      . Develop children's hearing system, memory and fast fast Response
      The content of the game:
      1. Prepare a bell before the game.
      . Parents clapped their hands and attracted the attention of children, and asked "I took a few times" to attract the interest of children's game. Parents said, "Okay, you pay attention, I have to ask a few times after taking the shoot." After the child answered correctly, the parents said, "I now knock the bell" knocked once and asked once. Then let the child ring the bell and say that he knocked a few times.
      game guidance:
      1. The ringtone should not be too large, so as not to affect the child's hearing system.
      2. Try to make the child bell as much as possible, knocking on and knocking a few times to improve the child's game interest.
      . "Who is the right thing to see?"
      game purpose:
      1. Let the children truly understand the true meaning of 1 ~ 4;
      . Training children's hearing ability and response Ability, cultivate children's interest in learning mathematics.
      game content:
      1. Parents are preparing a kitten, puppy, and lamb card (optional).
      . Parents first took out the kitten card and said: You are a kitten, first call it a few times (the child will call "meow, meow") now we do games. I said that the kitten screamed, and you called "Meow". I said that the kitten was called "Meow, Meow", and said 4 voices in turn. After doing the game, parents and children continue to change their characters. After speaking, take out the card of the puppy and the lamb to continue the game according to the above method until the young children are proficient.
      game guidance:
      1. During the game, the children's call is wrong, and parents can guide the children. Can't directly call the number of voices.
      2. This game can be carried out together.
      three, "See whom the memory is strong"
      game purposes:
      1. The ability to train the number of children, the ability to strengthen the physical point; And observation ability and verbal expression ability.
      game content:
      1. Prepare 1 apple, 2 skin balls, 3 pears, 4 oranges; several newspapers (other children are familiar with items, parents can be extended according to the situation).
      2. Parents put the prepared items on the table and let the children turn backwards. After the parents cover these items with newspapers, they will ask the children to turn around to sit. During the game, the parents said to the children that "there are many small items under the newspaper. After opening the newspaper, read it for a few minutes, and remember the name and number of these items. Let the children observe carefully for about 3 minutes and cover it with newspapers. Finally, let the young children say items one by one, and several similar items want to say the total number of similar items. See if you say a lot, right.
      game guidance:
      1. When parents arrange items, children are not allowed to look back.
      2. The volume of items should not be too large. It is advisable to use small items, and children know and call them names.
      3. The items watching are more or less based on the reaction ability of children, and the difficulty is improved. For example: two apples, three pears, three blocks, and four pens.
      4. You can ask children to come home to play games together. See who says so much, and see who says fast.
      . "Kitten Fishing"
      The game purpose:
      1. The ability to train children's points and knowing 1 is 1 to 2, add 1 to 3, and then add 1 to 1 4;
      2. Training children's observation, attention and accurate judgment.
      game content:
      1. Parents should prepare a set of toys for kittens fishing.
      2. Parents told their children. "Do you play kittens today and see how many fish you can catch?" The young children picked up the fishing rod and started fishing (this kind of toy has been rotating, and the fish's mouth is closed one by one, you can exercise the child. , Parents asked, "How many of them are caught?" Children will answer "1". When the young children caught another fish, the parents said, "One to add a fish with another one?" Two children answered "2". In Article 3, guide the child to say "2 fish adds another fish to be 3 fish." When the child caught the fourth fish, the parents asked the child: a few fish caught a total of a few fish? The total number, the total number, "3 fish plus 1 fish is 4 fish".
      game guidance:
      1. When children fishing, parents should encourage young children to fish without panic and exercise patience. For young children who can't catch fish, parents can help.
      2. When children are interested, they will be carried out in the game goals.
      5. "Card Digital Game Story"
      game purpose:
      1. Training children's cognitive ability to digital size.
      2. Training the language expression ability of children.
      game content: This digital game story can be taken before bedtime. You can start talking with your baby: Little Bee, Little Butterfly, whoever Fly Fly Fly. At the beginning, they were not comparable, and they could not distinguish who flew the fastest. Suddenly, the little butterfly screamed and fell down. "What's wrong with you?" Little bee, the little dragonfly stopped quickly and asked with concern. It turned out that the little butterfly accidentally hit a branch just now, and his wings were injured. Little bee, the little dragonfly bandage the wound for the little butterfly, let it rest well. "I'm not good at me, and you can't play with you." Little Butterfly said embarrassedly. "It doesn't matter, we can also play here." Little dragonfly said, "Let's play card games." Little dragonfly brought four pieces of hard paper and wrote on each piece of hard paper: 1,0,5 5 respectively , 2. This forms four cards. "How do we play?" Little bee, asking the little butterfly at the same time. The little dragonfly thought about it, and had 5 questions, namely:
      ) Excessary one of the largest four digits with these four cards.
      2) Row out a minimum four digits with these four cards.
      3) How many different three digits can be discharged with these four cards?
      4) How many different four digits can be discharged with these four cards?
      5) With these four cards that can be discharged by two digits that can be removed by 2? (The number in this question is appointed, depending on the age of the baby) The baby is also coming to and the little bee. Come and think about it. Little bee little butterfly is fast.
      The 3 -year -old children's outdoor game. What are the 2 outdoor parent -child interactive games: The quiet game
      This children will squat, but they are not familiar with squatting as a sport. Let your child look at you to do demonstration and learn the coherent movement of squatting up. A family of three can rest before preparing to start exercise, or to do a squatting game for a little rest. "Dad squat, mother squats, mother gets up baby squatting, the baby can't afford dad, Dad does not squat mother squat ..." This password also trained the child's hearing and response.
      Outdoor parent -child interactive game 2: Walking game
      The long band of long -lasting colors on the ground, coating into a winding and rugged shape, holding the child's hand and walking slowly, letting his Small feet kept walking on the road of ribbons and couldn't step out. You can sing the ballad he likes while walking. You can also replace the ribbon with a thicker hemp rope. When the child is walking on the hemp rope, because of the protruding feeling of the hemp rope, it is more conducive to training his balance. Or let the child go, you come to the password: "Big step!" The child changed from normal steps to a big step, and suddenly changed the password: "Small step!" The child needs to obey the command, and immediately change to a small step. Add "crab walking" (that is, walking sideways), "snail walking" (that is, walking slowly), "walking with both hands" and so on. After the child was gone, let him pass the password, and his parents came. While training the child's hearing response, this game also trained his physical coordination ability, and even when he created an action password, he also exerted his imagination.
      Outdoor parent -child interactive game 3: Running the game
      The two or three -year -old children are energetic and running is one of their favorite sports. When doing running games, find a flat, empty, safe, and fresh place.
      The child and dad are preparing for the starting position together in a line. The mother's password "prepares-" when he hear the word "run", the child and father can start. This can exercise the child's hearing and response ability. Or use different colors of silk scarfs or bands in different places, such as blue on his father's arm, red on the electric pole, yellow tied to the tree, and so on. Pass the child password: "First, 2. Run to the blue scarf!" Let the child analyze the commands and directions at the moment before running.
      The game below is suitable for more children or family members to play together. Everyone was scattered around or running around or arbitrarily, and a person closed his eyes and said loudly: "Run, run, you all run, but I said stop, you have to stop!" Everyone must stop instantly, and this person also opens his eyes at the same time. If he sees that no one stops, he will lose and be eliminated. This game can train children's listening and instantaneous response ability. Specific stop action is also a kind of exercise for brain and limbs.
      Outdoor parent -child interactive game 4: jumping game
      The foot jump, one foot jump, suddenly jumping, like running, jumping is also the most happy movement of two or three -year -old children, and the most Can exercise the movement of their cardiopulmonary function, muscle and bones, and nervous system dominance and coordination functions. When making a jumping game, pay attention to the flat ground, potholes and cracks, and small stones that can cause children to spend their feet. At the same time, the space should be large enough, and there is no car without cars.
      The exercise one -foot jump. Let your baby stand on one foot and keep a balance. Then raise and let go of the one -footed baby, let him understand that this is a one -foot jump. Of course, for babies with a little or strong exercise ability, it may not be possible for a while. It doesn't matter. As long as he feels interesting, he is willing to try. Parents can learn with their children while studying: raise their small feet, jump; feel tired, stop and stop; turn around, wipe the sweat; then continue to jump with me! This game is good, but the crowded and older children in playground are not safe for two or three -year -old children. So this game can be transferred to Xi Meng's bed at home. Let the child hold a favorite plush toy in his hands, he jumps you and said, "Jump, jump, baby (or baby's name); jump, jump, rabbit (or other toys); Jumping, jumping, bang! "At the end, let the baby fall down or stand still, and at the same time, the toys in their hands were thrown up, and the toys fell on the bed. You can find that the child will be happy with his plush toys! Bouncing on the spring mattress can greatly exercise the child's sense of balance and leg muscles.
      What are the outdoor games of three -year -old children 3, kangaroos jump
      each child needs to put on a sack bag, jump to the finish line like a kangaroo, the first jump to jump To the end is the winner!
      . The target of the ground
      This introduction:
      In the target ring on the ground (warm reminder: if you play this game in public places, you need to pay attention to the surrounding people, perform activities in a place with few people, perform activities in places with fewer people, and perform activities in places with few people. After the game is over, remember to wipe off the target ring of the painting. This suggestion that parents can bring their children to play in their own small yard), and then draw the area of ​​the participants. Gun, of course, the middle score in the middle of the middle is the highest ~
      . Grab the chair
      grab the chair is a game that is often played as a child, which can exercise our observation ability, speed and flexibility. Siege the bench into a circle, and people stand in a circle. When the host took a wooden stick (or other sounds), when the person began to knock, he turned around the bench in the same direction, and he turned around according to the fast and slowness of the knocking. When the sound of the knock stops, you must sit on the bench. Because there is a bench, one person will not have a bench. When the elimination is ended, the next bench will be removed and the second round will be continued. Repeatedly, the champion was born until the two were fighting for one bench.
      . Ping -pong balance race
      game preparation: 3 table tennis rackets and 3 table tennis.
      game rules: Parents take the rackets hand, the ball is placed on the racket, runs from the starting point to the end point, to the end point to the child, and then the child is transported to the point. During the operation, the ball cannot fall to the ground.
      . Fruit squat
      This training ability
      I wonder if parents and friends still remember the games we played when we were young, fruits squat, "watermelon squat, watermelon squat, watermelon squat, Pineapple squat ... "We specified a kind of fruit for their respective and played with children. Such a password can train children's hearing and response.
      The games you can play with children in spring, I do n’t recommend too much. The premise of all games is to ensure the safety of children, so parents must take protection measures before the game Essence When you do a good job in your body in advance, when you do more severe exercise, if necessary, wear knee pads and wrist guards.
      This temperatures at the same time require a certain process. When you go out, you should dress the children moderately.
      . Watermelon
      game purpose: improve the students' response and response ability, let the students who have been in the middle of the summer, lack the quenching game prop: No
      game method: the whole class is divided into several groups (Each group is 7-8 people), and a student in this class starts to say that "big watermelon or small watermelon", such as "big watermelon", must be more like a small watermelon; "Watermelon", hands must be more like a huge watermelon. The next student in adjacent is the opposite of the previous one. For example, the former student said "big watermelon", and the next student must say that "small watermelon" is repeated in a cycle. Objectives are out.
      game requirements: The opposite of what is said and do is not the same as the previous student. Furthermore, the shape of the "watermelon" of both hands must be at least width of the shoulders, which will be regarded as "small watermelon"; the shape of the "watermelon" that is touched by both hands is regarded as "big watermelon".
      7. Frog
      game purpose: exercise reaction ability and strengthen the number capacity
      game props: no
      game method: students are surrounded by a circle, always standing on middle. Some teachers said at will a classmate saying a few frogs, and then the classmates answered a few crickets. (For example, the teacher said: "Two frogs.", The classmate should say, "呱! 呱!") Then the classmate said a few frogs, and he had to answer a few times later. Objectives are out. In this cycle, the last classmate was the victor.
      The outdoor game suitable for children
      In outdoor games suitable for children to play
      , red and green lights
      game purpose: In the game in the game, the traffic rules of the game, learn to abide by the rules
      game prop: a piece of cloth
      game method: select a classmate as a traffic police. The traffic police blindly used the eyes, and the green lights and red lights were randomly said in their mouths. Other students screamed in the green light: "Xing!", And moved within the range of movement. Stop move quickly. If the classmates who make a mistake replaced the previous traffic police. After a period of time, the traffic police ended at the end. When all the students stopped, the traffic police caught a person at will and guessed the person's name. If you guess, let the arrested classmate replace him for a traffic policeman. If you guess wrong, continue to be a traffic police.
      . roses mirror
      game purpose: exercise students' judgment and rapid response ability.
      Gaming prop: No
      Gaming method: First divide students into two groups, one group of mirrors, and one group in mirror. A group of mirrors sent a classmate to make a single (double) hand -lifting, flat lift, flat lift, grabbing ears, touches nose, and mouth. If you do something wrong, it will be out of the situation, and it will be replaced by another member of the family; if successful, which classmate who is mirror will be out, and the next classmate who makes the mirror is replaced. From this continued, the last classmates were the winners. Then change the mirror and the mirror group, and make a victor.
      . Water competition
      Materials: small wooden rods, leaves, branches
      In a stream, or flowing water, select the starting point in the upstream, choose the downstream to select Fixed the end line. Put the floating objects (wooden sticks, leaves, branches, etc.) at the starting point of the water to see which objects can reach the end point first. If the water flows through or pass through the passage under the bridge, then the floating objects such as wooden sticks, leaves, branches, etc. at the entrance, and then run to the other end to wait, see which objects reach the end point first. Children will soon discover which objects drift faster in water.
      eleven, eagle catch chicken
      one classmate as an eagle, another classmate as a hen, the rest of the classmates are chicks, and the chicken row into the chicken mother. The task of the eagle is Catching the last chicks, the responsibility of the hen is to protect the chicken and prevent the eagle from catching the chicken. If the "chick" is caught by the "eagle", the "chick" will be sent off. "Chicken" can no longer play this round of games after being punished.
      In this game, as long as you play, the victory must belong to the eagle. Because the initiative is completely in the hands of the eagle, the hens may be defensive, and there is no possibility of offense. This is also in line with the facts, but this game also has an important rule, that is, the eagle cannot infringe the hen, which makes the hens possible to the chicken's guard.
      This, bear and stone man
      Plapse Description:
      The teacher designated a child to play bears, other children are stone people, bears are walking in front, stone people follow behind, all children are together while together, all children are together while together, all children are together while together. Saying, "Bear and Stone Man", when it comes to the word "people", the bear looked back. Other children must stop immediately when they see the bear's turn, keep the original posture, pretend to be a stone man, 5 bear numbers 5, 5 number of bear numbers, 5 number of bear numbers 5, 5 number of bear numbers 5, 5 number of bear numbers 5 In this time, if the bear finds who moves, he will call out his name. The child will be eaten by the bear and cannot continue participating in the game. Then repeat the game.
      13. Paste the game
      Paping description:
      1. Children's hand pulls a circle to stand for a circle
      2. Please report the child's first two to one, then let the newspaper one be one The children stood in front of the children of the second newspaper.
      3. Talking about game rules. First, please ask two children to demonstrate. One child ran the other child to chase, and the child who ran to the front of the child, the last group of the children started to run. If the child who runs is arrested, the child will be arrested in turn to catch the child who just chased her. Circle in turn.
      It fourteen, throw a handkerchief
      The people sit around, first choose one person to carry the handkerchief (but also other items), jog at the outside of the circle. The person sitting sang while patting his hands: "Losing the handkerchief, throwing a handkerchief, and gently put it behind the children. Don't tell him, hurry up and grab him ..." The person who lost the handkerchief walked Walking, unprepared, quietly left the handkerchief behind one of them, and then continued. If the handkerchief that was dropped was discovered by this person, this person had to pick up the handkerchief and hurry to chase. After catching up with the person who lost the handkerchief, the person who threw the handjuan silk had to stand in the middle of the circle to perform the show for everyone. Later, continue to throw the handkerchiefs outside; if you ca n’t catch up, the person who loses the handkerchief runs to the position of this person, and this person must continue to turn around the handkerchief behind others. In the filming and singing again and again, the game restarted again. Essence
      . Tomatoes
      game purpose: "egg" amusement
      game gameplay: everyone sitting into a circle. One person stood in the middle and was called "egg". Everyone take turns asking a question of "egg". But "eggs" can only answer "tomatoes".
      The people can ask all kinds of ridiculous questions. In the end, who has fun the "egg", whoever wins. Then let him go to the middle to be a "egg".
      What are the outdoor games of the three -year -old children's outdoor game 4 1. Turn horse -type amusement facilities
      Structured motion characteristics: The cockpit is installed on a rotary plate or a support arm, turning around the vertical axis or inclined shaft, or rotating around the vertical shaft At the same time, there are small swinging.
      amusement facilities around the vertical axis or tilt axis: turn horses, whirlwinds, waves pearls, lotus cups, moon rockets, coffee cups, rolling cabins, muddy sky, small aircraft (cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), the cockpit does not rise and fall), Xiaofei Elephant (the cockpit does not rise and fall) and various small rotary entertainment machines played by children.
      The amusement facilities that are swinging at the same time are rotating around the vertical axis: Aerospace, Big Green Worm, Da Apple Machine, etc.
      2. Skate -type amusement setting
      The structural movement characteristics: The vehicle itself has no motivation. After the improvement device is raised to a certain height, it is running along the track by inertia; Operation on the track.
      Such as: roller coaster, crazy mouse, sliding dragon, rosewood brave advancement, bending moon speeding car, mining car and so on.
      3. gyro -class amusement facilities
      The structural movement characteristics: The shaft of the cockpit wounds the variable inclination angle is used to turn around, and most of them are installed on the lifting arm that can be lifted.
      Such as: gyro, double flying sky, brave man turntable, flying arms, rugby and so on.
      4. Flying Tower Amusement Facilities
      The structural movement Features: Suspension pod and ascending the side to do a backward movement, the pod is hanging with deflection.
      Such as: flying tower, air transfer chair, small spiritual, observation tower, gliding wing, frog jump, empty shuttle, etc.
      5. Racing amusement facilities
      The structural motion characteristics: Specify the line along the ground.
      , such as: racing, small sports cars, high -speed racing cars.
      6. Self -controlled aircraft amusement facilities
      The structural movement characteristics: Rotate the central axis and do lifting movements. Most of the people are installed on the turning arm.
      Such as: self -controlled aircraft, self -controlled flying saucer, goldfish drama water, octopus, sea, land, air, wavy autumn.
      The entertainment machines with lifting and swinging multi -dimensional movements, such as: space -time shuttle, dynamic movie platform.
      7. Observation of car amusement facilities
      The structural motion characteristics: rotating or swinging horizontal axes around the people.
      , such as: observation buses, windmills, spacecraft, pirate ships, flying carpets, meteor hammer, traveling space, etc.
      8. Small train amusement facilities
      The structural movement characteristics: Run along the ground orbit
      , such as: small train, dragon car, animal drama, monkey carriers, etc. Tour buses amusement facilities
      Structured motion characteristics: run along the air rail.
      , such as: overhead bicycles, air train.
      10. Water amusement facilities
      Structured motion Features: Facilities for amusement with the help of water.
      Such as: water slide, water roaming, canyon rafting, bumper boats, cruise ships, water bicycles, water zippers, wave ponds and various amusement pools.
      11. Touching a car amusement facilities
      The structural motion characteristics: use power, internal combustion engine or manpower drive, passengers operate by themselves. Perform collisions in a fixed venue.
      , such as: electric power bump, battery bump, high truck, etc.
      12. Battery car entertainment machine
      Structured movement Features: Taking the battery as the power, running on the ground, generally operating for passengers themselves, suitable for children to ride.
      1 13. Jumping class
      Structured motion Features: The use of elastic rope is an amusement facility where the cockpit is ejected up to high altitude or people jump down from high altitude.
      The people who ejected upwards are generally fixed in the cockpit, and those who jump downward generally wear a safe protective clothing (band).
      , such as: high -altitude bungee, bungee jump, space flying man.
      1 14. Specal
      Structured motion Features: Use the high difference to make people fix the high -end equipment fixed at both ends.
      15. Slide
      Structured movement Features: After being raised to a certain height, the gliding bicycles are freely gliding along the semi -circular slide. The amusement can use the braking device on the glide to control the speed of the taxi. Essence
      , such as: slide, dry land, summer sled.

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