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    What classic games are there for board games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. There are many types of board games.
      1. According to the region
      The German game game (German Games):
      The typical German board games include Settlers of Catan, Kaka (), and power company () Power Grid) et al.
      The American desktop game (American Style):
      The typical American desktop games include Monopoly, Twister, allies and ALLIES.
      2. Wait, comparative personalities such as gown fighters (including regional control elements), land war chess (including war game elements), rainbow chess (including graphic transformation elements), MR jack, and wonderful search (including logical reasoning, psychological guess factors) and other and other
      -brand table games
      The representative games include: poker, word cards, follow -up works such as: UNO, Tichu, who is the king of Niu Tou, the limit, the ancient front, the territory, etc. Brand version (including space running elements), rich man card version (including cash flow business elements), bragging (including auction, deception element), galaxy competition (including resource management elements) Elements) and so on.
      3. According to nature
      The text negotiating table game
      The representative works include: Senate, I am a big boss. Compared with individual works such as zombie malls (including space -occupied elements), Chinatown (including regional planning, placing collection elements), etc., because of its essential mechanism, it can still be classified as this.
      Graphic creative table games
      games such as: ghosts (language creative communication, deceptive elements), SET (body reaction element), etc., because of its essential mechanism, can still be placed at this this kind.
      The limb operating table game
      The representative works include: twisting, you are robots, troublemakers, wanted orders, century architects, balanced angels, etc. This category.
      Themailing strategy table game
      The representative works include: Catan Island, Manila, Puerto Rico, Power Plant, Lianghe Basin, Small World, Crossing Times (Historic Wheel), Cold War, etc. Game works. It should be noted to distinguish between war games.
      This table game
      The representative works include: war hammer, war, and interstellar hegemony. Part of the transition products that simplify the structure and game time, such as "Game of Thrones", belong to the marginal products.
      The role -playing game on the table
      The representative games include: chainmail, dragon and dungeon, Warcraft Battle version, etc. Derivative products.
      The expansion information:
      On famous board games:
      The Three Kingdoms Kill (role -playing, reasoning, team, hand management table game)
      . In the "Three Kingdoms Kill" game, players will play a general of a period of the Three Kingdoms, combined with the identity of the bureau, combined, attack and kill, and after a round of strategy and movements, they will win the final victory with their companions around them. Essence
      "Three Kingdoms Kill" takes the identity as the clue, the game card as the form, and at the same time provides a more strategic 3V3 team competitive model. Its rigorous production attitude and perfect rules have also been well received by the public. "The Three Kingdoms kill OL" has also won the honor of the best competitive online game in 2010 with the success of the success of the game products on the table. It is the most successful table game in China today.
      Fate (magic strategy, teamwork, hand management category)
      "Fate" is a desktop card game with western magic theme as the background. The game combines the background element of the hottest Warcraft RPG map DOTA, continuing the war of DOTA to the desktop. "Fate" uses a new identity system, unique anger design, emphasizing the interaction and cooperation between players, the number of players is 2-10.

      "Fate" players need to play one of natural disasters, guards and neutrality in the game. According to your identity, each has different victory conditions. This is an era of fate. Everyone bears the shackles of fate. In this game, players have a hidden identity -natural disasters, guards or neutrality, natural disasters to eliminate guards as the fate, and the guards are destroyed by natural disasters. Fate, and neutrality needs to achieve its own unique fate.
      The name of "Fate" contains various connotations. The game is the main purpose of fate. All heroes will have their own stories and sources, family, love, friendship, friendship, survival under the sewing, survival in fate, and decision in fate.
      Magic castle (resource management, hand management, strategy)
      "Magic Castle" is the first domestic strategy desktop game that integrates magic elements in China, with mutual competition for resources as its core The game, each player is an explorer who explores mysterious magic forces in the fantasy forest. The purpose of collecting the legendary "war between angels and vampires" is for the purpose of collecting different magic. Master of Magic Castle.
      E each player has 3 magic scrolls at the beginning of the game, and then each player vote 4 dice each to get the corresponding 4 magic gems as the starting resource, and then the last one gets the starting resource Players start the game. The game is carried out in turn. The current round players vote for a 12 -sided dice and get the corresponding color magic gem. If the curse is cursed, the curse effect will be performed. Players can perform 4 actions in their own rounds: 1. Trading -Magic trading with other players, the trading conditions are proposed by the current round players; 2. Learn magic; 3. Buy magic scrolls with magic gems; 4 In exchange for the treasure chest with the magic scroll. When the total score of the magic learned by a player reaches or more than 10 points, the game will end and win the game.
      This game is not complicated. Even friends who have never been in contact with desktop games can learn through 2 to 3 minutes, and the game interactive is very strong.
      The night ghost night line (role -playing, fantasy, reasoning, strategy, interaction, entertainment, knowledge education)
      "Hundred Ghost Night Walk" is the first domestic "knowledge game, sports game 'concept into the card The role -playing game of the game. The subject span has been all -encompassing from ancient times to the present. It is familiar and leading the trend. Each design and innovation are for the convenience of players. The screen is exquisite, simple and easy to understand, the text is straightforward and the design is meticulous, the freedom of the game is large and rapid. Let novices and veterans compete on the same stage.
      "Hundred Ghosts Night Walk" perfectly combines leisure and competition, making tension and exciting killing games more instantaneous, making players more fun of the game. At the same time, it also challenged the player's sensory nerves, and in the nervous strategy, he can better appreciate the pleasure of laughing.
      Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-board game

    2. The Three Kingdoms, Wind, Wolves, UNO, Mechen King, Three Kingdoms Wisdom, World of Warcraft, Gladers (Big Fighting), Wanted Order, Crazy Xiaoqiang (Germany Xiaoqiang), wonderful explore, guessing painting, DEAL, dwarf gold ore, dwarf gold ore, Hunting map, real estate auction, hotel tycoon, power game, lost city, rich city, power system, Catan Island, Puerto Rico, zombie mall, plague crisis, gangbon fight, ice and fire song ...

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