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    What do you say in English?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What do you say in English?”
    1. Since ancient times, "heroes are sad and beautiful", from this, the "beauty plan" was applied, and it was almost determined to be "invincible". Regarding the expression of "beauty schemes", there are many sayings in English, we come one by one.

      First of all, friends who like movies will not be unfamiliar with "Badger Game". The victims of "Badger Game" are mostly married men. They are recruited because of emotional temptation, and finally have to accept ransom, breaking their wealth and disaster.

      A origin of "Badger Game". The most popular version is that hunters often use North American crickets to train hunters in their early years -they put them in the sealed box, let the hounds attack and hunt Catch the "bait". As a result, in the subsequent evolution, "Badger Game" became a "seductive colorful hook." Look at the following example sentence:

      the accuse of playing the baby game. There are many "beauty schemes" related claims, such as "CLIP Joint" (black shops with beauty knocking bamboo) and "Honeytrap" ("Beauty Measure" commonly used by spy).

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